jeudi 15 octobre 2015

Pieter Claesz

Pieter Claesz 1596/1597-1660

 Pieter Claesz - Nature morte

Pieter Claesz  - Nature morte avec Röemer et coupe d'argent et pain,1637
huile sur toile - 83 x 66 cm
musée du Prado

Pieter Claesz composed this still life with a few elements elegantly placed on the table: a glass of wine, a metal candy dish lying down and a glass upside down. These elements are distributed alongside various plates with a half-peeled lemon, olives and a piece of bread. The scattered walnuts give this representation a casual aspect. 

The straightforward arrangement of the objects and the table and the general tonality of painting are the characteristic elements of this work by Claesz, making it one of the clearest examples of still lifes from the Haarlem school to which this painter belonged. Moreover, the organization of a still life around one of its forms —in this case, the large candy dish— is typical of Claesz's paintings from the sixteen thirties.

Une magnifique oeuvre de Pieter Claesz au musée du louvre:

 Pieter Claesz- Nature morte aux instruments de musique,1623.

Pieter Claesz- Nature morte aux instruments de musique,1623.
huile sur bois - 69 x 122 cm
Musée du Louvre,Paris

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