dimanche 29 mai 2011

Raoul Dufy - Le Grand Orchestre

Raoul Dufy 1877-1953   ( link )

 Raoul Dufy - Le grand orchestre ( 1936 )

 Raoul Dufy
Le grand orchestre ( 1936 )
Encre de chine

 Raoul Dufy - l''orchestre rouge (1940)

Raoul Dufy - l''orchestre rouge (1940)

L'artiste et son modèle - 1929.

Jean Dufy

Jean DUFY 
Modèle dans l'atelier 
Huile sur toile 
65 x 81 cm  
Signée et datée « Jean Dufy 28 » en bas à droite

Berthe Morisot

 Berthe Morisot  Deux soeurs sur un canapé - 1869

Deux soeurs sur un canapé - 1869
Huile sur toile - 52 X 81cm
National Gallery of Art - Washington

vendredi 27 mai 2011

Abraham Mignon

Still Life with Flowers and Watch

Abraham Mignon

 A Glass of Flowers and an Orange Twig -
 Abraham Mignon - Still-life

A Glass of Flowers and an Orange Twig -
 Abraham Mignon - Still-life  1660 Dresden

Ken Currie Glasgow Triptych 1986

Ken Currie ( 1940- ...) - Three Oncologists

KEN CURRIE - Three Oncologists from Rapid Visual Media on Vimeo.

Ken Currie ( 1940- ...) - Three Oncologists

 Ken Currie ( 1940- ...) - Three Oncologists

Three Oncologists (Professor RJ Steele, Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri and Professor Sir David P Lane of the Department of Surgery and Molecular Oncology, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

The men represented in this painting are professors in the Department of Surgery and Molecular Oncology at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School in Dundee. The Head of Department and Professor of Surgery, Sir Alfred Cuschieri, is in the centre. Sir David Lane, Professor of Molecular Oncology is on the right. On the left is surgeon Professor Steele. All three men appear to have been disturbed in the middle of their duties: Professor Steele has blood on his hands and Sir Alfred Cuschieri is holding a medical implement. The luminous quality of the paint makes the figures look almost ghostly, expressing the sense of horror and anxiety associated with cancer.

Ken Currie (Scottish, born 1960)

Scottish artist Currie studied at the Glasgow School of Art. He used industrial Glasgow as the subject of his early work, with paintings that were linear in style and modelled in block-like forms. In the early 1990s, Currie was much affected by political and humanitarian events in Eastern Europe. He began to depict decaying and damaged bodies as a response to what he felt was the sickness of contemporary society. Although still as socially aware as in his earlier work, his style became less linear. From the mid-1990s, Currie's paintings became simpler. He focused on individuals instead of crowds and painted in haunting, luminous colours.

Jean Siméon Chardin 1699-1774

Nature morte, fleurs dans un vase 1760-1763
Huile sur toile
National Gallery of Scotland (Edinburgh)

mardi 24 mai 2011

David Hockney, A Bigger Grand Canyon

David Hockney, A Bigger Grand Canyon
1998. Oil on 60 canvasses, National Gallery of Australia

David Hockney and Art of Yorkshire garden

 David Hockney   - Garrowby Hill, 1998

Garrowby Hill, 1998

oil on canvas

60 x 70 in. [152.4 x 177.8 cm.]

Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

The Road to York through Sledmere, 1997

Wheat Field near Fridaythorpe, 2005

samedi 21 mai 2011

Victor Charreton 1864-1937

Victor Charreton -   Montagnes à Murols

Montagnes à Murols  73x90 cm  ( 40 000/50 000 euros )

 Grande maison dans un parc fleuri  1913   - 67x92 cm ( 10 000/12 000 euros )

Automne, sous les roches, (8 000/10 000)
 Montaigut le Blanc Huile sur carton signée en bas à droite
 Ht : 37.5 cm Larg : 46 cm

Printemps au jardin 
Huile sur toile, sign e en bas droite 54 x 65 cm 5000/6000€

en savoir plus : http://www.victorcharreton.free.fr/

Karajan - Mahler symphony no.5 (IV) - Adagietto.

mardi 10 mai 2011

Marion Janin

la dernière aventure de pinocchio
Sélection au prix Graphic 2002 de l'institut Charles-Perrault (centre de recherche sur la littérature de jeunesse).
Dessin et infographie — format original 50 cm x 39 cm.

Marion Janin   - pinocchio

Marion Janin - Alice

deux illustrations d'Alice au pays des merveilles de Lewis Carroll, 2006.
La Chute d'Alice et Alice dans la maison du lapin blanc
Dessin et infographie — format original 40 cm x 60 cm.

 Marion Janin - Alice

 Marion Janin - Alice