mercredi 19 octobre 2011

Nell Gwyn

It was the Restoration of Charles II in 1660 that finally 
 women on the English stage. Before then men or boys 
played female roles. Gwyn was one of the first female actors
 and quickly became very well known. "Not only was she a 
good actress she was incredibly astute at manipulating her 
image and abilities," said Perry. Deft networking and a long 
affair with the king – she had two children by Charles – 
helped Gwyn become one of the first celebrities.

"She became extraordinarily popular. She had a very bold 
character, she was witty and outspoken and she had a 
Gywn's fame was helped by mass reproduction of her image
and the admiration of people such as Samuel Pepys.

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

 vincent van gogh  - 1887 self-portrait

1887 self-portrait

jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter

  • Woman with Child
    Frau mit Kind (Strand)
  • 1965
  • 130 cm x 110 cm
  • Oil on canvas

David Hockney 1937-...

David Hockney

David Hockney's Felled Trees on Woldgate (2008)
Museum Wuerth, Kunzelsau, Germany


Mother and Child, First Steps (1943) by Pablo Picasso

Francisco de Zurbarán

Francisco de Zurbarán 1598-1664

  Francisco de Zurbaran - Still-life

Still Life With Lemons and Oranges (1633) by Francisco de Zurbarán

 Plat avec citrons, Panier avec oranges et tasse avec rose

lundi 10 octobre 2011


« Portrait de Madame Rosenberg et sa fille »
 représentant la grand-mère et la mère d’Anne Sinclair.  1918
Musée Picasso , Paris

en savoir plus sur le tableau  ( link )

dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Picasso -Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein par Picasso 1906
Huile sur toile 119.4 x 104.1
« Vous verrez, elle finira par lui ressembler », disait le peintre à ceux qui trouvaient le tableau trop infidèle au modèle.